At Salt Water Farms, producing the cleanest, meatiest, freshest mussels and oysters available is our life!

Salt Water Farms is a second generation RI shellfish farming company. We operate farms in Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound. We love growing the finest oysters and mussels around and strive to feed the people of our country high quality protein with a delicious flavor. Shellfish aquaculture is a sustainable choice for a nutritious food, and we are proud to be in this burgeoning industry where endless ocean expanses define no limit.

American Mussel Harvesters provides us with all the land based support needed to keep our oysters and mussels fresh, clean, and in the local markets. This allows our farmers to spend all their time focusing on shaping the perfect oyster or tending to the prolific mussel crop.

Since 2001, our focus has been to utilize the waters of our beloved bay and grow a world class oyster. Fifteen years later we have achieved that goal three times over with the Quonset Point, Beaver Tail, Umami and now the Newport Cups oysters (our first off-shore endeavor). We will continue to grow, crafting new oysters, and bringing you the finest quality seafood from the rocky shores of Rhode Island.

The shellfish we grow…

RI Shellfish grows here!