Blue Gold Mussels®

Blue Golds are a different kind of mussel, an exclusive product from our southern RI waters. We are putting the same (if not more!) effort that we put into the cultivation of our specialty oysters into these mussels, and the results are phenomenal. Blue Gold Mussels break into a new world of artisan mussel culture.

Grown in a swift current these mussels feed on the mineral rich water surrounding them. These aggressive mollusks are ready for market in less than a year, which gives them a tenderness that is to die for. Blue Gold Mussels are one of a kind, a healthy choice that will leave you satisfied and coming back for more year after year.

Flavor Profile: Super sweet full meats with a yellow to deep orange color. They will melt in your mouth and leave a light briny flavor to savor.

Harvest Location:  Shores of Conanicut, Narragansett Bay, RI

Grow Out Method:  Rope cultured mussels using New Zealand continuous loop method.

Salinity:  36ppm

Shell character:  Dark blue with a golden mineral splash at the hinge

Size: 2-3″

In Season:  Spring to early Summer


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