At Salt Water Farms we currently operate three polyculture shellfish farms that grow eastern oysters and blue mussels. There are two farms in Narragansett Bay and one off the rocky coast of Newport.

East Passage Site

Long line aquacultureKnown by the bay men simply as “the mussel farm” because of its past life. This was the original location where Bill Silkes tried growing mussels in 1981. Years later he started an oyster farm that is our largest site and the bread and butter of our company. The farm is located off the western shore of Aquidneck Island and offers amazing views of the Newport and Mount Hope bridges. There is an 80 feet deep underwater canyon bordering the farm that refreshes the shellfish with the steadily shifting tides and currents. 

At this site we grow the majority of our Quonset Point, Beaver Tails and Umami oysters with the longline oyster culture method. Simultaneously we are catching the mussel seed that naturally sets in this shellfish sanctuary.

A.T Marine Site

Rope grown mussels in Narragansett BayLocated off the western shore of Conanicut Island and north of Dutch Island this inshore site is destined to be our all-weather access mussel farm. With the mussel seeds collected at the East passage site we are stocking it full of Blue Gold Mussels in the winter to be harvested in the spring and summer. We also plant oysters here in the spring time when the East Passage site is fully loaded. With the location so close to shoreline there is a strong current that moves through the farm with each changing tide, making this site difficult to maneuver, but great for nurturing shellfish.

Newport Cliff Walk Site

offshore aquaculture in Rhode Island SoundThis is our offshore site where we are growing Newport Cups Oysters and different strains of mussels. Located in about 70 feet of water it is exposed to all the fury of the Atlantic storms that batter the coast, from hurricanes to nor’easters. We are developing specific gear designs that are more durable, and this site is our testing ground for offshore aquaculture which is a promising opportunity to expand our operations!